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    Chimney Rock Park: Stairway to Bliss

    Chimney Rock Park is named after a 535-million-year-old monolith rock in the Hickory Nut gorge. If you are planning to visit Asheville, Biltmore Estate, or the Blue Ridge Mountains, you must plan a visit to see Chimney Rock. Although you can take an elevator up to a short staircase leading to the top of the Rock, it is much better to climb. My 499-step hike to see the dramatic mountain vistas multiplied to a 1,996-paw path for my Golden Retriever puppy…

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    Historic Biltmore Village

    Historic Biltmore Village is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, outside Asheville, North Carolina. This small English town is nestled outside the gates of the Biltmore Estate. Nicknamed “A Millionaire’s Village,”…

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    Dog Walking Tour: Top 5 Considerations

    Everyone knows to research a guided walking tour on a vacation but did you ever think about booking a dog walking tour? Guided tours are my #1 recommendation for learning about…

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    Historic Montford NC

    “Asheville’s sweetest neighborhood” is one of the slogans for historic Montford in North Carolina. If you loved watching The Gilded Era on HBO, then you might want to check out this…

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    Black Mountain College

    In the hills of Western North Carolina, Black Mountain College (BMC) crouched like a panther ready to leap during the Depression. The brainchild of a mercurial Rollins College professor, this unaccredited…

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    Outdoor Architecture Museum in Alexandria

    I discovered a city that could be an outdoor architecture museum on my walking tour of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Alexandria’s historic district features more than 200 houses built before 1820.…