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    Adventure Washington DC

    Washington DC’s Christmas Activities

    Washington DC’s Christmas activities will make anyone feel festive, regardless of whether you are a shopper, theatergoer, walker, or ice skater. Here is my list of the Top 10 Things to Do in the nation’s capital. Holiday magic abounds for visitors as well as residents. A Christmas Carol While you might want to say Bah Humbug to seeing A Christmas Carol at the Ford’s Theatre, ignore your Ebenezer Scrooge inclination. After losing the city’s beloved live play due to the…

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  • Reflections

    Croatia Memories

    Croatia memories. People. Strangers. Fleeting moments. Travel seems to compress life yet also rearrange it in our memories.  I take a ridiculous amount of photos on my iPhone when I travel…

  • Adventure International

    Dubrovnik Wall Walk

    A Dubrovnik wall walk (pre-pandemic) exploring its historic core allowed me to drift down medieval streets, like a curious cat. When I managed to avoid the crowds of tourists who flock…

  • Adventure U.S.

    Bike Art in Sarasota

    Any city can feature street art and murals but what about bike art? Well, ride into town to see Sarasota’s must-see cycle art. I discovered this quirky bike art in Sarasota…