New Years Resolutions

We all make them and break them. Resolutions. I have a friend who makes “Intentions”. She announces to the universe what she wants to happen in the new year. And oddly enough since they are intentions—instead of New Years resolutions that inevitably will be broken—they happen for her. I am going to steal this idea.

Last year I made a resolution in July (not to be confused with January) that I would launch my travel blog. I paid hundreds of dollars to buy a domain ( for multiple years. Fast forward two months and I still hadn’t created the website. But with the help of my son Byron, we designed the layout and I uploaded my first article. I had 23 visitors but only because I coerced all my family (and a few friends) to read it at my birthday party lol!

My intention in 2019 is to experiment with new ways to travel. Last year—to the sheer incredulity of my adult children—I hiked a combined 220+ miles on trips spent in Argentina, Croatia, Czech Republic and Italy. I made vacationing HARD. But after spending the last week sick with a horrible cold that I contracted while hiking in the bitter cold on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, I am rethinking this logic.

Perhaps I don’t have to hike at every place where I visit. It is okay to be a sloth (occasionally).

So watch this space for my posts on forest bathing, making boozy cocktails and cooking. I end with a quote by Maria Shriver, who is one of my favorite writers: “This year, I want to venture out, venture forward and venture into the unknown.” (Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, January 6, 2019,

PS What is your adventure intention for 2019? Surprise yourself and try something different! I’d look to hear about it in the blog’s Comments box. 

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  • Jules
    January 19, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Around 10 years ago a fb friend of mine posted about a tradition she learned traveling in S America. At midnight on NYE, you take your luggage and walk around the block. It brings good travel luck for the year. I’ve done it ever since. I’m taking my son to Ethiopia and Paris in March so it must be working!

    • admin
      January 20, 2019 at 9:26 pm

      I definitely plan to do this next New Year’s!