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Calvin The Golden Retriever’s letter home from Camp Winnipesaukee (as told to Carla La Fleur)

Dear Frend (dog spelling),

Do you like the lake? I think the lake is the best ever. I went to the lake with my family. They are my favorite friends. We swim together and we boat together and we play fetch and play fetch and fetch and fetch and fetch and then a little bit more fetch just in case. My favorite part of the lake is fetch, because you can play fetch on the grass or in the water. And the tennis ball gets nice and soggy. My other favorite part is sticks. You can use sticks for fetch and that is a bonus. Sometimes though your friend throws the stick but you can’t find it. You might get worried. You might start to worry that you will never find it. But do not worry friend, because then you find it and can start again.

When you jump into the water you get wet. This is great! Like taking the lake with you everywhere! If you don’t want to be wet anymore, find someone who isn’t wet and SHAKE. Then jump into the water again. Water is also my favorite part of the lake. I hope you like my story.


Calvin is a two-year-old Golden Retriever who loves his friends and his lime green tennis ball.

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  • Lion
    July 6, 2019 at 8:49 am

    Life can’t get any better than being a dog on vacation