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U street

DC street art is found everywhere on U Street.
Washington DC

DC Street Art: U Street’s Murals

DC street art. Just the thought of it makes me happy. I love art; I love to walk. Give me both and I am one happy lady. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to sign up for a two-hour…

Adventure International

Free Berlin Street Art Walking Tour

Berlin street art is mind-blowing and admission is free for the open-air street galleries located in East Berlin. Maximize your investment through a guided tour. This is what I did last June since I only had one day to…

Adventure Reflections Washington DC

Miracle on A Street NE

Updated December 23, 2023: There is a neighborhood in Washington DC that I nicknamed “The Miracle on A Street NE” in homage to the 20th Century Fox film called “A Miracle on 34th Street.” We all yearn to be…

Adventure U.S.

Richmond Street Art

If you love street art, then you need to devote a weekend to visiting Richmond, Virginia. While it is famous for its Gothic Revival mansions and craft breweries, Richmond is also an outdoor art museum. Gaze up at sky-high…