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forest bathing

Forest Bathing Book exercise
Washington DC

Forest Bathing Book Class at Smithsonian

The two words are incongruous—Forest Bathing. What does one do? Swim in a pile of leaves? Walk in the woods when it is raining? All the questions were in my mind when I attended my first introduction class to…

Adventure U.S.

U.S. Botanic Gardens’ Anniversary

To celebrate the U.S. Botanic Gardens’ anniversary in 2020, it commissioned a North Carolina artist to create a gigantic wooden “stickwork” sculpture—“O Say Can You See” —in Washington DC. The USBG is located next to the U.S. Capitol and…

Adventure U.S.

Puppy Trek at the National Arboretum

Take a puppy trek at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. on the weekend—or enjoy a day off from work during the week—if you really love your canine. “Live. Laugh. Bark.” Unknown This is Dog World USA—sticks, mulch, pebbles,…

Rooftop Garden to visit at Smithsonian
Washington DC

Pink Blooming Saucer Magnolia Trees in DC

Each spring before the cherry blossoms peak, Washingtonians race to see the giant cup-shaped pink blooming saucer magnolia trees at the Smithsonian. There are two rows of pink blooming saucer magnolia trees (also known as tulip magnolia trees) that…

Gratitude Reflections

“Just To Be Alive”

Happy May! It’s a new month. It’s a new restart to my life (and yours). I didn’t plan to write a blog this week. Now in week 7 of working at home and sheltering, my life is lived small.…

Adventure International

Levada do Caldeirao Verde, Madeira

The Levada do Caldeirao Verde in Madeira’s Queimadas natural park is one of the island’s most popular hikes. Surely I feel like a bird, whirling and twirling in the forest, as I follow its vertiginous path, eventually to progress…

Adventure U.S.

When Hiking in Phoenix, Bring Water

Visiting Arizona and hiking in Phoenix in July turns me into a combustible cactus. It isn’t just hot here in Phoenix. It is HOT. The temperatures make me feel prickly. This city deserves its nickname: Valley of the Sun.…