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Free Berlin Street Art Walking Tour

Berlin street art is mind-blowing, and admission is free to the open-air street galleries located in East Berlin. Maximize your investment through a guided tour. I did this last June since I only had one day to sightsee in…

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Sayulita: 12 Reasons to Visit Pueblo Magico

Sayulita is the Mexican village everyone tells you to visit if you vacation in Puerto Vallarta. As a Pueblo Magico (magical town), Sayulita is a mystical destination that sweeps visitors back into the folklore, history, and culture of Mexico’s…

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7 Must-Do Activities in San Pancho in Mexico

Dive into the small-town charm of San Pancho by trying these 7 must-do activities in Mexico Riviera’s “Cultural Capital.” San Pancho, which is what the locals have christened San Francisco Mexico, is located along the 200-mile stretch of coastline…

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Erice: One of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages

Erice is a quasi-Alpine village nestled on an Italian island in western Sicily. The Association “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” recognizes it as one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages.  This designation spotlights those small Italian towns showcasing Italy’s History,…

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Sicily’s Ancient Greek Ruins

Sicily defies categorization because it is not just an  Italian region or Mediterranean island or former home of the Mafia. Your astonishment will bubble up and erupt just like Mt. Etna’s lava. Prepare to be awestruck visiting Sicily’s ancient Greek…

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Copenhagen, Denmark: 9 Top Things To Do

Did you know that Danes rank among the world’s happiest people? Well, I am not surprised given that I rank myself as the happiest of tourists during the four days that I visited Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2023. Initially,…