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Holbox street art features a young girl.
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Holbox Street Art in Mexico

I can’t even begin to describe my obsession with Holbox street art during my visit to the Yucatan in Mexico. Around every corner, I see wall murals on Isla Holbox. The islanders paint the walls of buildings, doors, alley…

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Staying in an Italian Masseria

Staying in an Italian masseria will transport you back in time to how Italians used to live. You must experience once in your life. I am staying in what was once the horse barn. There is a trough in…

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We are in a green jungle, jet lagged, 9,649 miles from home and a little lost. Blame it on the 24-hour flight via Quatar Airlines via Dubai to Singapore … or the heat (85 degrees) … or the surreal…

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Beguiling Punta Canta: Escaping Winter

Even though I knew since January that I was escaping the woes of winter for my 3-day holiday weekend in beguiling Punta Cana, I procrastinate until the night before my flight to pack. My Siamese cats (Henry & Eliot)…

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Caribbean Sanctuary

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a mecca for the winter weary who need a break from shoveling snow and wrapping up in woolen scarfs and hats. This is a vacation idea that my niece Karen and I conceived just…

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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The search for the perfect mother-daughter trip begins when my daughter is about two months shy of graduating with her PhD in cognitive psychology from University of Virginia. We had always planned to visit Iceland but now she wants…