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  • Adventure

    Enjoy An Artsy Asheville Adventure

    Any artsy Asheville adventure revolves around plugging into its energy source: artists. And this city is overrun with talent. My daughter Claire and I can only spend one day on our…

  • Adventure

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Blue Ridge Parkway is an iconic 469-mile route that takes visitors from Virginia to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is older than the trees. We began to blast…

  • St Pete Florida Beachfront

    Fun Things To DO In St. Pete Florida

    Gulf beaches, thriving local art scene, waterfront walks, botanic garden and the historic Kenwood neighborhood head my list of 10 things to do in St. Pete Florida. If you are expecting…

  • Washington DC

    Snow in DC: Top Adventures

    Washingtonians dream of snow in DC. Our city turns into a snow globe, its monuments and memorials hidden under a quilt of snowflakes. Hello Winter Wonderland. Newscasters’ warnings of a Winter…

  • Pet-Centric

    Traveling Cat: On The Road Again

    I get a few raised eyebrows whenever I mention traveling with my Siamese cats. Isn’t that a little crazy they seem to imply as they cock their head at the suggestion…

  • Adventure

    LOVING Isla Holbox AS A Dream Escape

    Mexico is a contradictory country, a land of contrasts—cosmopolitan cities and tiny towns. The list of its beach getaways is legendary. But what I need is a quiet escape, not nightlife.…