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Tipsy Walking Trip On The Prosecco Wine Circuit

Before I booked my tipsy walking trip on the Prosecco Wine Circuit in northern Italy, I didn’t give much thought to this sparkling wine. (The Italians call it “bubbly wine.”) To the French, Prosecco is the poor man’s champagne.…

Adventure U.S.

Exploring California’s Santa Monica: Silicon Beach

Riding through California’s Santa Monica, nicknamed “Silicon Beach,” almost proves disastrous. I climb on my red electric bike and totter because of its weight. Now I can barely touch the asphalt except on my tiptoes. My friend is already…

Adventure International

Dubrovnik: Walled City

Yesterday I play the Game of Steps in Old Town Dubrovnik. Although Croatia’s far-southern seaside city is a big draw for fans of the epic hit Game of Thrones, I have another quest in mind—walking the city’s fortress wall…