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U street

DC street art is found everywhere on U Street.
Washington DC

DC Street Art: U Street’s Murals

DC street art. Just the thought of it makes me happy. I love art; I love to walk. Give me both and I am one happy lady. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to sign up for a two-hour…

Reflections Washington DC

Miracle on A Street NE

There is a neighborhood in Washington DC which I nicknamed “The Miracle on A Street NE” in homage to the 20th Century Fox film called “A Miracle on 34th Street.” We all yearn to be part of those magical…


Food Street Market in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Italian food street market will make you ravenous. It is impossible to resist eating … a lot … at The South 9th Street Italian Market. Give in to Edesia (the Roman goddess of feasting). You are powerless (or…

Adventure International

Athens’ Amazing Street Art

I would have been landing in Athens yesterday except for a small complication—COVID-19. Luckily my airfare was refunded and I have a $300 credit for hiking on the island of Evia. My blogger’s world has shifted tremendously since my…

Adventure International

Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

I zoom around Lisbon thanks to my AirBNB guide Igor (@street.buddha) and Google Earth at 9 am EDT. While most people are still spending a lazy morning in bed or taking the dog out for his walk, my niece…


Discover Street Art in Buenos Aires

I traveled to Buenos Aires on Tuesday night after a long work day. I was tired, miserably so, but at least I didn’t have to pack luggage or wait in an interminable line at Dulles Airport. I just clicked…