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Sicily’s Ancient Greek Ruins

Sicily defies categorization because it is not just an  Italian region or Mediterranean island or former home of the Mafia. Your astonishment will bubble up and erupt just like Mt. Etna’s lava. Prepare to be awestruck visiting Sicily’s ancient Greek…

Adventure Pet-Centric

Mother-Son-Pups Sugarloaf Hike

Sugarloaf Mountain, a 1,283-mountain located near Barnesville, Maryland, is no Blue Ridge Mountain. But it also isn’t a three-hour drive to Shenandoah National Park. I had only one goal in mind. I wanted a morning hike with my son…


U.S. Capitol Women Statues Tour

While there is no official U.S. Capitol Women Statues Tour, you can book a free U.S. Capitol Tour which permits you to see the famous women memorialized at the U.S. Capitol. The U.S. Capitol now displays 14 statues of…


Transcendent Beaches To Explore

I run away to the beach each year to stare at the ocean. While this list is a work in progress, I tried to spotlight the transcendent beaches where I felt my spirit reenergized. Anne Morrow Lindbergh opined in…