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Free Berlin Street Art Walking Tour

Berlin street art is mind-blowing, and admission is free to the open-air street galleries located in East Berlin. Maximize your investment through a guided tour. I did this last June since I only had one day to sightsee in…


San Sebastián del Oeste: Travel Back In Time

On the Pacific side of Mexico, you can step back into the colonial life and times of San Sebastián del Oeste. Founded in 1605, this historic village is nestled in the hills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Silver…

Adventure International

Sayulita: 12 Reasons to Visit Pueblo Magico

Sayulita is the Mexican village everyone tells you to visit if you vacation in Puerto Vallarta. As a Pueblo Magico (magical town), Sayulita is a mystical destination that sweeps visitors back into the folklore, history, and culture of Mexico’s…


Top 10 FemaleSoloTrek Articles in 2023

My Top 10 FemaleSoloTrek Articles in 2023 as measured by my FemaleSoloTrek readers’ clicks focused on Washington DC places, gardens, dog-worthy venues, and small towns. My dog Parker is not surprised that any articles that include his adventures will…