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Traveling Cat: On The Road Again

I get a few raised eyebrows whenever I mention traveling with my Siamese cats. Isn’t that a little crazy they seem to imply as they cock their head at the suggestion of a traveling cat? Nope. Everyone takes their…

Adventure International Pet-Centric

Cats of Portugal

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am always in search of felines during my travels. I was quite concerned that I wouldn’t see any cats (gatos) in Portugal as the country doesn’t seem to be known for…

I met this Russell Terrier on my trip to Amalfi.
Adventure International Pet-Centric

My Year With Cats & Dogs

Meeting cats and dogs is a predominate theme in my travels in 2019. I started off New Year’s Day in Italy hiking the Circuito Tre Calli with an adorable Russell Terrier dog named Miya. She reminded me that the…

Pet-Centric Reflections

Do It Now Because

My travel blog turns one year old in September. I can’t really believe that I finally did it. You know how you promise yourself that you are going to do something . . . (insert a personal dream) but…


Sailing with Dog

Claire’s dog flattens her belly on the dock, pushes her front and back legs hard and stiffens her entire body. The object of her fear is the dark waters of the Baltimore Harbor on this hot August morning. My…


Dog Blog

Calvin The Golden Retriever’s letter home from Camp Winnipesaukee (as told to Carla La Fleur) Dear Frend (dog spelling), Do you like the lake? I think the lake is the best ever. I went to the lake with my family.…