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Pet-Centric Reflections

Do It Now Because

My travel blog turns one year old in September. I can’t really believe that I finally did it. You know how you promise yourself that you are going to do something . . . (insert a personal dream) but…


Sailing with Dog in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Sailing with dog may be the most exciting boat ride of my life. On a sultry summer day, my daughter Claire, her husband Ben and I decide to take their dog sailing on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Their flat-coat retriever…


Dog Blog

Calvin The Golden Retriever’s letter home from Camp Winnipesaukee (as told to Carla La Fleur) Dear Frend (dog spelling), Do you like the lake? I think the lake is the best ever. I went to the lake with my family.…

Cats can lounge on big pillows at Crumbs & Whiskers.

DC’s Cat Cafe

Cat cafes lure me like a feather toy. Or a good catnip toy. I visit Crumbs & Whiskers in Washington, DC May. If you are an ailurophile (vocabulary word check time)*, then you will love this cat cafe. It…


Feline Friends

I miss my two Siamese cats—Henry & Eliot—horribly when I travel. As anyone who has adopted Siamese cats  knows, they are not a “shy” or “introverted” cat breed. Nope! Siamese cats have an opinion on everything and they think…


Dog Vacation

“You should try being in the moment/then you’d want to catch things/in your mouth too!”—Daniel Ladinsky (poet) I had the perfect focus group for my research. Two grand puppies—one was a grown up golden retriever, the other was a…


SOS Dubrovnik Cats

It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but cats rule in Croatia! Seven days ago, I land at Dubrovnik on EasyJet. I am excited to experience this country’s seaside and mountains. Little did I know that my fondest memories will…