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Kelleher Rose Garden

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Although my mom died in 1977, her love of roses compels me to visit gardens whenever and wherever I travel. (Favorites include Biltmore Estate, Selby Botanical Gardens, and Winterthur Gardens. Leaning in to sniff a red…

Adventure U.S.

Top 10 Dog-Worthy Places to Visit in Annapolis

Are you a dog owner looking for a destination that combines history, charm, and beautiful scenery plus special places to visit with your pooch? Look no further than Annapolis, Maryland! This picturesque city is located on the Chesapeake Bay…

Adventure U.S.

Del Ray’s Street Art: Self-Guided Tour

If you missed Del Ray’s Art on the Avenue festival, don’t worry. Year-round, visitors as well as locals can enjoy the vibrant murals documenting this Virginia neighborhood’s history. I mapped out a self-guided Del Ray’s street art tour that…

Adventure U.S.

Dog-Friendly Monticello

What pooch wouldn’t want to sniff the tulips and investigate the vegetable garden at dog-friendly Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia? Certainly, my Golden Retriever Parker gave a “paw’s up” to accompany me on a beautiful spring weekend to tour the…

Rooftop Garden to visit at Smithsonian
Adventure U.S. Washington DC

Pink Blooming Saucer Magnolia Trees in DC

Each spring before the cherry blossoms peak, Washingtonians race to see the giant cup-shaped pink blooming saucer magnolia trees at the Smithsonian. There are two rows of pink blooming saucer magnolia trees (also known as tulip magnolia trees) that…

Adventure Gratitude

Forest Wild

We all have a “Forest wild”—or should. This is a place in nature where you can go to retreat, reflect . . . and (hopefully) recharge your spirit. Unfortunately far too many people lose their wild places because they…