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Adventure Reflections

National Arboretum in Winter

Wild, woody and wonderous is the best way to describe the U.S. National Arboretum in winter. Spanning 446 acres, it is operated by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service. It will turn 100 years old in…

Adventure International

Santo Amaro Festival – Portugal

Santo Amaro is a Portuguese holiday celebrated in Santa Cruz on the island of Madeira. This lush green island is located 330 miles from the coast of Lisbon. Even during the winter months, dense foliage grows on the craggy…

Adventure U.S.

Her Story: A Century of Women Writers

Her Story: A Century of Women Writers is an exhibition dedicated to showcasing 24 women writers who shaped young and old minds alike. It was launched on September 18, 2020, as the nation commemorated the centennial of the 19th…

Adventure Reflections U.S.

Remembering Holiday Illuminations

Recalling holiday illuminations which I saw as a young child is a favorite place for me to wander in my mind. Who didn’t love being piled into a station wagon near Christmas Eve to go admire the holiday illuminations?…

Adventure U.S.

Nights of Lights In St. Augustine

Nights of Lights turns St. Augustine, Florida—the “Ancient City”—into a sparkling diamond on the sea during the Christmas holidays. Celebrated for 28 years, this holiday tradition ranks among the world’s Top 10 holiday light displays by National Geographic. Nights…

Adventure Washington DC

Washington DC’s Christmas Activities

Washington DC’s Christmas activities will make anyone feel festive, regardless of whether you are a shopper, theatergoer, walker, or ice skater. Here is my list of the Top 10 Things to Do in the nation’s capital. Holiday magic abounds…

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Bayfront sanctuaries connecting people with air plants of the world, native nature, and our regional history
Adventure U.S.

BayFront Sanctuary at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is an adventure to traipse during any season as well as a bayfront sanctuary in Sarasota, Florida. But autumn does provide a break from Florida’s hothouse summer temperatures. I visited the Selby Gardens: The Living…

Adventure International

Dubrovnik Wall Walk

A Dubrovnik wall walk (pre-pandemic) exploring its historic core allowed me to drift down medieval streets, like a curious cat. When I managed to avoid the crowds of tourists who flock to this prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean…