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Copenhagen, Denmark: 9 Top Things To Do

Did you know that Danes rank among the world’s happiest people? Well, I am not surprised given that I rank myself as the happiest of tourists during the four days that I visited Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2023. Initially,…

Activities International

Visiting Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

During the long starry winter nights of February, I plowed through author Steven Naifeh’s 1,514-page biography of Vincent van Gogh: The Life. I began to feel as crazy as the tortured painter as he argued with his parents, lost…

Activities U.S.

Kelleher Rose Garden

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Although my mom died in 1977, her love of roses compels me to visit gardens whenever and wherever I travel. (Favorites include Biltmore Estate, Selby Botanical Gardens, and Winterthur Gardens. Leaning in to sniff a red…