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Why I Wander In The Woods

I need a place where I can hide under the canopy of trees. As a child, the woods were my place to escape and daydream. My spirit always yearns to dwell in nature’s outdoor cathedrals—places of soaring sky, rough-hewn…


Writing a Travel Journal

Packing your travel journal is even more important than remembering your toothbrush IMHO. You can’t buy a pack of memories at a grocery store. You need to write them down before you forget them. The list of authors who…

Pet-Centric Reflections

Do It Now Because

My travel blog turns one year old in September. I can’t really believe that I finally did it. You know how you promise yourself that you are going to do something . . . (insert a personal dream) but…


“Climb the Mountains”

Climb the mountains is my rallying call when I travel. I love to hike. There is something about waking up early in the morning and knowing your day will be spent putting one boot in front of the other…


Notre Dame de Paris

April 15, 2019 – It is 12:30 pm in Washington, DC and nearing sunset in Paris. It is the day after Palm Sunday. It is Holy Week for Christians. Suddenly a conflagration of fire and smoke appears on our…


In Memorium

It’s funny how life is. You can reach the pinnacle of happiness and then it all comes crashing down. When I went to bed on Sunday night, I had over 1,500 subscribers. On Monday morning, I found out my…