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Cooking Tiramisu in Bomerano, Italy

Cooking tiramisu is complex but the effort rewards the patient chef. You will create a dish worthy of the Roman gods. Tiramisu sounds like it tastes in your mouth—creamy, exotic, and tiered. Its translated meaning is “pick me up”…

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Italy’s Fior di Latte

On my hiking vacation on the Amalfi Coast, I will learn how fior di latte is produced in Italy. Our destination is Naclerio, home of the Fior di Latte shop, outside Bomerano, Italy. This is a three-generation Amalfi Coast…

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Amalfi Coast’s Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods—Sentiero degli Dei—is one of the most famous walking routes in Italy. It leads down a mountain to Positano. This seaside town is perched in a sheltered bay on the Amalfi Coast. According to legend, the…