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Ostuni, Italy: White City on a Hill

Ostuni, a white city on a hill, will seduce you. Ostuni’s old town, famous for its whitewashed homes stacked precariously on a hill, shimmers in the sun. It is located about 100 miles east of Matera in Italy’s Puglia…

Malaga Christmas lights hang in the streets.

Malaga Christmas Lights in Spain

Malaga Christmas lights shine bright everywhere. Feliz Navidad is on the lips of every resident. In Malaga, a Mediterranean Christmas celebration is as likely to include a boot stuffed with a toy as stockings jammed full of gifts. In…

Lisbon is an easy walk from our AirBnb in Lisbon.
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Artsy AirBnb in Lisbon, Portugal

One of cheapest ways to save money visiting the “Land of Sardines” is to book an AirBnb in Lisbon. My niece and I knew we wanted to spend our $ on food and drink! Plus our legs certainly would…

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Athens’ Amazing Street Art

I would have been landing in Athens yesterday except for a small complication—COVID-19. Luckily my airfare was refunded and I have a $300 credit for hiking on the island of Evia. My blogger’s world has shifted tremendously since my…

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Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

I zoom around Lisbon thanks to my AirBNB guide Igor (@street.buddha) and Google Earth at 9 am EDT. While most people are still spending a lazy morning in bed or taking the dog out for his walk, my niece…


Discover Street Art in Buenos Aires

I traveled to Buenos Aires on Tuesday night after a long work day. I was tired, miserably so, but at least I didn’t have to pack luggage or wait in an interminable line at Dulles Airport. I just clicked…

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Cats of Portugal

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am always in search of felines during my travels. I was quite concerned that I wouldn’t see any cats (gatos) in Portugal as the country doesn’t seem to be known for…