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I met this Russell Terrier on my trip to Amalfi.
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My Year With Cats & Dogs

Meeting cats and dogs is a predominant theme in my travels in 2019. I started off New Year’s Day in Italy hiking the Circuito Tre Calli with an adorable Russell Terrier dog named Miya. She reminded me that the…


Strasbourg, France: Christmas Market

I try to angle my body past the people—young, old and in between—packed nearly sideways in the stalls of the Marche de Noel in Strasbourg, France. Originally christened the “Christkindelsmärik” (market of the Infant Jesus), it is France’s oldest Christmas…

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Italy’s Lerici: Following A Poet

Italy’s Lerici could be nicknamed a Poet’s Place given its popularity with the British Romantic Poets. As the public ferry crosses the bay from Portovenere to Lerici, which is located on Italy’s Ligurian coast, I think of an impetuous…

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Locorotondo, Italy

We’ve been hiking for several hours down scraggly and water-parched dry earth in Southern Italy past vineyards. It is day five of the exodus and everyone is hot and bothered. Then we see the round cream-colored city on the…