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Sicily Food Odyssey

A Sicily food odyssey is heaven for foodies. Despite all its culture and heritage—ancient Greek and Roman ruins, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and Baroque architecture—food is often the #1 reason to visit this fabled island. While Sicily’s famous food…


Ostuni, Italy: White City on a Hill

Ostuni, a white city on a hill, will seduce you. Ostuni’s old town, famous for its whitewashed homes stacked precariously on a hill, shimmers in the sun. It is located about 100 miles east of Matera in Italy’s Puglia…

Adventure International

Locorotondo, Italy

We’ve been hiking for several hours down scraggly and water-parched dry earth in Southern Italy past vineyards. It is day five of the exodus and everyone is hot and bothered. Then we see the round cream-colored city on the…


Discovering Tuscany’s Garfagnana Region

Discovering Tuscany’s Garfagnana Region in Italy is my first female solo trek. It all started with a dare from a girlfriend during the summer of 2017. After a fantastic holiday at an AirBnb in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to…

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Hiking Parco dei Monaci

Hiking Parco dei Monaci (Monks Park) in southern Italy in July isn’t the smartest thing to do. The woodsy landscape is beautiful in Basilicata, but we almost die from the heat. Our hike begins after disembarking from the local…